Hello, I am Nazan Naslian. I study at Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov (YSLU). I took part in Youth Exchange held in 13.06.2012- 21.06.2012 in Kobuleti, Georgia.  Youth Exchange is one part of “Youth in Action” project. I was one of four participants fromArmenia. I took part in that YE with the help of Graduates Association and Career Centre of my University (YSLU) and Ayrudzy NGO.




In this Youth Exchange participated 40 volunteers Georgia, Azerbeijan, Poland, Armenia, Latvia, Estonia, Spain and Russia. The topic was “Peace-volunteering and Creativity”. During these days we meaning to say all participants lived in one hotel together. Every morning at 9:00 we had our breakfast and then played energizing games, name games, ice-breaking games at the conference hall or at the beach. Then we had many types of presentations, many interesting and intellectual games, which helped us to learn about other countries, about the problems in other countries. Over one o’clock we had coffee break and continue out as usual hot discussions. At 2:00 o’clock we had our lunch. After lunch, we pass to our practical part of the day. It could be city racing, cleaning the beach because we were volunteers and that is one way to express it. At half past six we evaluate the day and at 7:00 we had our dinner and until 9:30 we had free time. Every day at 9:30, we had cultural evenings of two countries. Those countries spoke about their history, population and give the picture of their country; also, each country brought national dishes, sweets, drinks. After all, we have tasted those and we are free. Sometimes we played some games, or went to the beach ad made fire, talk, enjoy the evening. Besides these games, we also had gossip part. For one day, we choose one gossip-girl or boy who collect gossips all day long and speak out in the evenings. We also had secret friends, and we ourselves were secret friends for others. We prepare gifts for our secret friends; we put our gifts in envelopes fixed on the wall of conference hall. We also had done flash mob inBatumithat was free hugs; we also took one very long paper where people wrote about peace. We were divided into groups for manifestation about peace. Each group should decide what to do, or how to do. We were to make short videos about peace. We also had chance to spent one day inKutaisi. After our flash mob we had free time to walk roundBatumi. The last day before departure we had the chance to seeTbilisi.  


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